About Us

Evergreen lofts is located on a hilltop in rural east-central Missouri. We are located 6.5 miles north of Gerald, Missouri. My closest neighbors are cows.

Evergreen Lofts is a relatively new venture, though I raised pigeons as a youngster in western New York.  I am fortunate to have lots of space to raise birds, including a very large chicken coop that is divided into three lofts, one for chickens and two for pigeons. I also raise pigeons in two cages in my barn. My hope is to specialize in Pomeranean Pouters and Ice Pigeons and to be able to make them available for sale in 2011 and beyond.

This small (45-watt) solar electric system (in background) powers energy-efficient LED and compact fluorescent lights in my loft. As noted in my home page, the loft also was built with a composite floor  -- that's a floor made from recycled plastic and wood fiber. This is a great building material for floors in lofts, as it is easy to clean and resistant to water. It won't absorb moisture and rot over time.

Home in outdoor fly cage. Notice the solar modules that power the lights in my loft